Better and More Just Environments for Caregivers

New Mexico Caregivers in Action

is a 501(c)6 organization created to serve New Mexico’s frontline healthcare workers. These include Personal Care Assistants, Home Health Aides, Homemakers, Direct Support professionals, Community Health Workers and Representatives and related occupations.

Direct care workers’ salaries nationally and in New Mexico are often below the median area income. The average hourly wage of a New Mexico home health care aide was $9.51/hour in 2018. Thanks to state leadership, our Governor and Legislature increased the minimum wage beginning 2019. Still, we have so far to go to bring wage parity to those workers who save New Mexicans’ lives every day.

Our organization supports caregivers with advocacy at the state and Federal levels.  We are committed to, and intentional about, achieving racial equity for frontline healthcare workers. We know there are better and more just environments in which caregivers can work.


Members Only Benefits

Through our partnership with Western Assurance, NMCA offers to members only benefits from the insurance marketplace at much-reduced cost to caregivers. These are intended for dues-paying members of NMCA in good standing who work as caregivers, including independently-contracted caregivers.  As a Member of NMCA, you have access to health, vision, dental, accident, life and other insurance benefits at much lower costs than you would be able to purchase on the open market.

Call us at 505-867-6046 or write to to obtain the access link.


Become a Member

This membership level is for frontline healthcare workers only. Members pay dues annually. Benefits include access to all NMCA programs, events as well as GIS benefits (dental, health, accident and life insurance) at much reduced costs. Members allowed one vote.


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Become an Advocate

This membership level is for supporters and advocates of frontline healthcare workers. Examples are care recipients and individuals who want to support caregivers.  Members pay dues annually. Benefits include access to all NMCA programs, events as well as GIS benefits (dental, health, accident and life insurance) at much reduced costs. Advocates are allowed one vote.


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Join the Advisory Council

This membership level is for individuals of health care/home corporations, Managed Care, hospitals and provider agencies. Advisory Council Members pay dues annually. Benefits include access to all NMCA programs and events. Advisory Council company names/logos appear on NMCA website. This is a non-voting membership level.


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2021 Legislation: SB 342 - The Medicaid Waiver Wage Fairness and Workforce Act (sponsored by Sen. Liz Stefanics)

SB 342 will ensure that when the state raises provider pay rates in the DD and Medically Fragile waivers, a portion of the increase is passed on by provider agencies to the workers directly providing the services. The bill has three goals: fair treatment for workers, promoting an adequate workforce to provide essential services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Medicaid waiver programs, and informing good policymaking through collection of data.


Programs and Events

NM Caregivers Tech!

is a program of online training designed to build caregivers’ personal and professional technological work-related skills (financial security, internet safety, fraud protection) through four (4) short online training programs.

Caregivers accepted into this program will be loaned a Chromebook for the training. Caregivers who complete all 4 online trainings will be able to keep that Chromebook!

At this time, caregivers who are members of New Mexico Caregivers in Action are eligible to apply. Home/home health care workers, personal care attendants, home health aides, nursing attendants, direct support staff, community health workers/representatives (CHWs and CHRs) or family caregivers the intended beneficiaries of this program.

The additional requirement of this program is that you must have previously attended a training delivered by New Mexico Caregivers Coalition, our 501(c)3 sister organization. Become a member then request your application from

Caregiver Background Checks

NMCA offers background checks through First Advantage, an international technology company that provides bulk Federal, state and local criminal background checks.

This service is available for $25 to care recipients so they and family members can feel safe before hiring a caregiver they hope to hire as an independent contractor.

First Advantage is a best-in-class company within its field. The NCQA-Certified First Advantage received the National Committee for Quality Assurance Certification as a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) in 2012 for its Health Care credentialing services. First Advantage is the first background screening provider to earn this important healthcare industry certification. US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor-certified First Advantage is also designated meeting the EU and Swiss standard for data privacy protection.

Call 505-867-6046 or write to get started.

Listen to Fellow Caregivers

As a former caregiver, my involvement with New Mexico Caregivers in Action has been such a positive one. They truly care about the situation of family and professional caregivers, as well as their care recipients. They look at the entire picture of what it’s like to be a caregiver, every aspect, from education and training to benefits, asking “how can this be better?” Improving the status of caregivers will improve all of New Mexico and NMCA leads the way.

Amylee Udell, Santa Fe

I appreciated that there were more caregivers like me who are concerned about direct care wages and benefits.

A. Brandt, Las Vegas

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Write us at or call 505-867-6046 and ask to be connected to a staffperson at New Mexico Caregivers in Action.


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